Tuesday, March 02, 2010

We Put Glenn Beck On Notice

Our Bourgeois Media Consumption Bureau (BoroMediConsoBoro) requires a heavy operating budget largely for eye doctors and frequent psychiatric evaluations. You would think a gaggle of unpaid interns would not burden the Party, but as communists we support social health care and practice what we preach. So our unpaid labor force is given rudimentary inspections to prevent depression, dementia, and cataracts. But the BoroMediConsoBoro has clear utility, as exhibited by their capture yesterday of a Mr. Glenn Beck's schwulst about a dear bald comrade.

Now aside from the fact that Mr. Beck references the Brecht Forum as if it were a strip club or porn shop that he didn't want to admit he previously knew anything about and "actually had to look [it] up," Mr. Beck uses great quotes of Mr. Brandt to somehow connect progressivism to communism. We are communists. We are not progressives. Okay, perhaps the Communist Party USA are a bunch of phonies who are not communists but are actually just progressives, but the occasional 'friendship' between the two are not a sign of ideological or political cohesion.

Mr. Beck, on the other hand, is a comedian-turned-pathological-blowhard who has a blustering voice in a central organ of the MainStream Media and spends all day claiming he in otherwise. And then pushes his audience toward fascist activity while claiming fascism is on the right. Worst of all, he whips it out! Mr. Beck, for the love of the General Secretary-Chairman, shove it back down into your pants!

No, Mr. Beck has picked on a member of our party, and we will not sit back. We're getting out our big board of enemies. Hmmm, to put up Glenn Beck we'll have to take something else off. Okay, we'll take down Nick Meglin, and put up Mr. Beck. That's right, we have half a mind to go all V for Vendetta on your ass! You're on notice!

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Anonymous Excellence In America said...

Collectivism = Socialism, Communism, Progressivism, National Socialism,
Individualism = Traditional Liberalism (now called Conservatism), Libertarianism, Capitalism

Individualism = Man is born with rights (whether bestowed by God, etc)
Collectivism = Man gets his rights from the State, thus they can be taken away.

Individualism = Individual Pursuit of Happiness
Collectivism = Collective Pursuit of Equality in Everything, for Everyone [except the leaders of course]



3/3/10 10:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The video has been deleted. Can you provide another?

13/3/10 20:39  
Blogger victoriano lorenzo said...

Thanks, Anon. The original two clips were deleted at their full ten minute length, but here is one of the shorter clips. Incidentally, Mr. Brandt has been a repeat character on Beck.

15/3/10 07:48  

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