Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Literally pointless

As a Public Service announcement, the CP(F) presents to you the full, unedited, periodless text of the recent soundbite of Revolutionary Communist Party Chairman Bob Avakian:

This new synthesis involves a recasting and recombining of the positive aspects of the experience so far of the communist movement and of socialist society, while learning from the negative aspects of this experience, in the philosophical and ideological as well as the political dimensions, so as to have a more deeply and firmly rooted scientific orientation, method and approach with regard not only to making revolution and seizing power but then, yes, to meeting the material requirements of society and the needs of the masses of people, in an increasingly expanding way, in socialist society—overcoming the deep scars of the past and continuing the revolutionary transformation of society, while at the same time actively supporting the world revolutionary struggle and acting on the recognition that the world arena and the world struggle are most fundamental and important, in an overall sense—together with opening up qualitatively more space to give expression to the intellectual and cultural needs of the people, broadly understood, and enabling a more diverse and rich process of exploration and experimentation in the realms of science, art and culture, and intellectual life overall, with increasing scope for the contention of different ideas and schools of thought and for individual initiative and creativity and protection of individual rights, including space for individuals to interact in "civil society" independently of the state—all within an overall cooperative and collective framework and at the same time as state power is maintained and further developed as a revolutionary state power serving the interests of the proletarian revolution, in the particular country and worldwide, with this state being the leading and central element in the economy and in the overall direction of society, while the state itself is being continually transformed into something radically different from all previous states, as a crucial part of the advance toward the eventual abolition of the state with the achievement of communism on a world scale.

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Anonymous Babba Vakian said...

You fail to appreciate the uniquitude of Bob Avakian, on whom the future of all humanity is hinged, not unhinged like some so-called friends of the Revolution, which I copyrighted in 1980, or declared my intention to copyright, which is the same as recognizing the new synthetics, plaids and absolutely not linens, cottons, silks (nor "authentic" in the Germanic sense – "upchucking") or any other almost-fabric, which would not appeal to the white workers, who aren't workers, or the black workers, who aren't lumpen, or the women workers, who aren't ladies or bitches; these and only these make sense after you've heard the audio tapes, video, essays and two primary and three secondary tasks which will not include taking care of your own children, aging parents or own livlihood which is not my livlihood or uniquitude.

Checks and money orders accepted.

9/1/10 07:56  

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