Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We bad-jacket Anarchist news dot org

As many well know, the Communist Party (Factionalist) operates a number of anarcho-maoist and trotskyist affinity groups. Generally speaking, their modus operandi is inactivity and observation. Most of the techniques that they would employ are already carried out by our anarchist brethren: badjacketing, internecine violence, paranoia, anti-intellectualism, provocation... and the list goes on. We the factionalists don't need to engage in these amongst the anarchists because they have become expert at it all. Up the Autonomy, er, Factionalism!

Nevertheless, we aren't completely clear when Anarchistnews.org first appeared on the scene (*which anarchists generally operate within, rather than, y'know, movements). The site has posts dating back to 2005, but became most clearly evident only last year, staging what amounted to a Jerry Springer Show for anarchist(er-than-thou) communiques and tracts, complete with chair throwing commentary and overblown melodrama. It beat out the United States competitors like A-Infos, Infoshop, and Indymedia. Granted, Infoshop contributed greatly to its own demise as the North American anarchist web news of choice, but the ascent of this latecomer has been impressive.

And it is a theatrically bad website. It has been the main source of any number of the most putrid and sniping communiques that anarchists have written against each other, from the APOC attacks on Food Not Bombs and CrimethInc, to the Bash Back diatribes, to the recent Crazy Bitches reports. For those with little or no personal commitment to these scenes, Anarchistnews.org offers nothing but the most humorous depiction of the state of their ideology in this country. Truly enjoyable reading. All from a laughably self-identified "non-sectarian" conduit.

It's value to the 'movement' then, can be expressed in that it has done nothing but help exacerbate animosities, break up groups, given exposure to the most sordid fringe voices, squelch real debate, and generally help implode most of what existed of organized anarchism only a few years ago.

That is why, with pure conjecture and nothing remotely resembling evidence, we would like to break the biggest news in the scene. Anarchistnews.org was produced by anti-politics capitalist hipsters in the employ of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Brandon Darby, Steve Wilkos, and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators. If Anarchistnews.org is indeed not a product of infiltration and COINTELPRO activities, then anarchists are an even bigger joke than we already thought.

To learn more about the accusations and more, check out the new non-partisan news source Anarchistdrama.org. Now to return to our principal day's work, leaving violent sectarian ridicule in the comments section of our favorite anarchist websites.


This entry was recently posted to Anarchistnews.org, and clearly their readership is subject to less rigorous censorship than ours- the only explanation for the larger number of comments over there.

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Anonymous katie said...

This is the funniest shit ever; is this a joke or is it serious? Either way, thumbs up! You, seemingly without irony, claim anarchists writing communiques maintain a holier-than-thou attitude-coming from self-proclaimed vanguards. It's laughable! We are anti-intellectual because we don't adhere to stale, outdated theories. For the win!

Although, if I was actually an authoritarian marxist, I would far too embarrassed to draw attention to myself. I mean they've pretty much lost all credibility and disappeared. Know what I mang?

Did ya'll get any of those dead trotsky cookies some anarchists made a batch of a while ago? Hope so.

woot woot for individualism & communism

word up

3/6/10 14:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to join the CP(F).

6/8/10 12:28  
Anonymous Authoritarian Marxist said...

Hi Katie,

You're an idiot.

I do enjoy this blog however.

6/8/10 13:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm for having my cake and eating it too. Splitter!

29/10/10 11:22  

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